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(Pending - отложено) MERGE CASH. BUSINESS ENGLISH through CASHFLOW 101&202
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(Pending - отложено) MERGE CASH. BUSINESS ENGLISH through CASHFLOW 101&202
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Воскресенье 10 сентября 2017 18:00 - 20:00
Komsomolskyi prospekt 28, Москва, Россия (на карте)
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Эта встреча будет особенной.

Я расскажу о проекте инвестиций в Детроите и возможностях инвестирования в дивидендные акции голубых фишек в США и их же Инвестфондов с ежемесячной выплатой дивидендов в 10-11% годовых в долларах США. Это то,что было игрой станет возможностью вырваться из "крысиного круга".

Не бесплатно. Ставки те же, что и для игры. Кто захочет, потом можно будет сыграть на английском (бонусом)))

We play Cash Flow (aka Life Monopoly board game) game in a slightly modified way to stipulate negotiations and decision making skills.

Cashflow 101 and 202 games provide:

1) An increase in Financial IQ

2) Concepts that rich understand about money that you were never tought

3) Understanding risks and what you must know to diminish them

4) Expanded knowledge about money and investing

5) Clear difference between Context and Content

and made in English tongue it provides you with all the above in ENGLISH.

Try to become an owner of a GOLD MINE being a JANITOR. Try to fulfil your most dreamed DREAM (say, a LOFTY TRIP AROUND THE WORLD) being paid as a SECRETARY.

There are only 6 slots currently to be used in the game so bring your friends as councelors with who you can make up a team to beat the competition. Each slot costs 500 rubles to enter. Host will be a banker for the game.

RULES and INSTRUCTIONS are here - http://www.meetup.com/Language-Club-MERGE/messages/boards/thread/27954 402