My English Speaking Club
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MY ENGLISH speaking practice
Прошедшее мероприятие
MY ENGLISH speaking practice
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Екатерина Гришина
Среда 2 августа 2017 19:00 - 21:00
Kolokolnikov lane, 22, bld. 5, Москва, Россия (на карте)
Фото и видео мероприятия

Join our meeting! 

For registration please fill in the form in the link here. RSVP here is not enough!

At our meeting you will have mindful talks and friendly conversations.

We discuss such topics as personal development, travelling, business, healthy life style, psychology, goal achievement and many other.

We have conversation in group, and then divide into pairs and have dialogs, after 20-25 minutes you change the partner. So during the evening you have speaking practice in different forms.

Due to your needs we can arrange speaking practice for exams preparation - IELTS, English exams at Russian school for 9 and 11th grade. For more details please contact us using contacts in the end of this message

Also we have a tradition – networking session, where we help each other to find necessary people.

Host of the meeting: Ekaterina Grishina (contact me via Facebook) 

We are expecting people with intermediate level of English or higher.

Time: 19:00-21:00

Place: Moscow, Dagda Irish Pub, Kolokolnikov lane, 22, bld 5. Metro Trubnaya, Chistye Prudy

Price: 700 rubles per 2 hours

For native speakers of English - free or pay what you wish

Food: you can order everything from cafe's menu, from tea to pizza and salads. They will give you separate check. So you can have dinner during the meeting easily.

Registration - For registration confirm you are coming by filling in the form in this link or Facebook Message to Ekaterina 

PLEASE NOTE: We will have a meeting if at least 3 people will confirm their coming by 11:00 am on the meeting's day. 

Please let us know you are coming in advance!

If you have any other question please contact us: or Facebook Message to Ekaterina

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