Языковой клуб MERGE
Сообщество: Москва, Россия
Сообщество создано: 12.10.2015
Категория: "Языки и национальности"
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Practice Russian. ГОВОРИМ ПО РУССКИ.
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Practice Russian. ГОВОРИМ ПО РУССКИ.
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Суббота 10 февраля 2018 00:00 - 03:00
Комсомольский пр., 28, Москва, Россия, 119146, Москва, Россия (на карте)
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If you're a foreigner living in Moscow (Expat in Russia) or just a visitor on a vacation and you want to communicate, learn or practice Russian language in an atmosphere dedicated to that please join. If you want to understand Russians, have a conversation with us, have some cultural clues or investigate our "mistirious" souls - get aboard!

Six speaking Clubs: Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and French are going on almost simultaneously, so, once you are tired you may jump over to your native tongue or the one that seems easier and/or you want to practice. Each group speaks separetely, but depending on level may switch to any convinient tongue - we try to create an immitation of language environment.

Moreover, special announcement has been made on friendly Russian resources, thus we host a bunch of Russian young people permamently joining the event and would be more than eager to communicate with you in either tongue. To keep it better for your Russian skills we've set a glossary of words to use at the event - https://quizlet.com/class/1373991/

For practicing languages we will introduce each other, discuss topics and play games. If you are new to the Russian language - bring dictionary and a notebook with you to make it a listenning class of your own.

The cost is 200 rubles per person payed at the caffee. Communication jumps are free...

Directions to Sturbucks cafe:
Since Frunzenskaya metro station is temporarily closed for renovation, one has to take a FREE bus "M" (frequency is 5min/bus) from Park Kultury metro station. As you come out, turn right and follow the sidewalk till you see a bus stop. Ride till Frunzenskaya stop and upon exit go straight to the huge building. The cafe is on the right corner. If you will have troubles - call Alexnader 8(903) 724 71-58 or follow the map.